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Splitz Gymnastics Club entered the Honiton Invitational competition on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September. Firstly, we’d like to thank our wonderful coaches for their dedication and support to the gymnasts. We’d like to thank our fabulous Acrobatics judge Michelle for coming in and judging during training and judging at the competition on Saturday.

And finally, a massive thank you to our amazing parents for their support and commitment to the club and to the gymnasts. We had a great weekend, we had 3 of our Acro groups here at the competition.

Here’s the results:

POTENTIAL ACRO:                                                                   

Lauren & Marley: GOLD - Novice 1                                                

Teona & Tarli: SILVER - Novice 3                                                 

Daisy & Millie: SILVER - (Highest grade in Novice) - Novice 4      

Holly & Emee: 4th place - (Emee’s first ever competition, and Holly’s first Acro competition) - Novice 1                                    

COMPETITION SQUAD:                                                        

Owen & Sam: SILVER - Grade 1                                                  

ELITE SQUAD:                                                                            

Izzy & Roxxi: GOLD - 11-16                                                        

Archie & Maddie: GOLD - Grade 4 - Score 25.60, their highest score to date!                                                                                         


We’d like to congratulate our medal winners on their success and all their hard work. But also, a huge well done to:                                            

Isabelle, Leah & Summer - G4                                                                 

Mia, Amelia & Bella - G4                                                                            

Chloe, Abigail & Emma - G3                                                                     

Caitlyn, Elana & Roxanne - G3                                                         

Chloe & Emma - G3                                                                                    

Chloe & Enya - G3                                                                                           

Jess & Lexi - G1        


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