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Splitz Pre-School Gymnastics classes are aimed at children from walking to 4 years and are the ideal way for younger children to develop their physical and movement skills.

Using the British Gymnastics Pre-School Proficiency Awards scheme, our coach Jennie and helpers will help parents take their children through the fundamental building blocks of movement- Action, Balance and Coordination.

The classes include songs, rhymes and plenty of fun as well as the chance to use age appropriate gym equipment in the safety of Splitz Gym centre under the watchful eye of trained coaches.



This is a fun class for children, from walking to 2 years, to spend quality fun time with Mummy, Daddy or any carer. It's an exciting interactive class with songs, rhymes, games and a chance to use specialist Gym Time equipment developed for this age group.

Our Pre-School Gymnastics coach Jennie and helpers will lead the class and help parents explore the equipment with their child.

Toddlers can use beams, slides, rockers, ball pool and simple climbing equipment to build confidence, help co-ordination, develop motor skills and have fun with Mummy or Daddy!



Aimed as pre-schoolers aged 3-4 years, our Butterflies Pre-School Gymnastics class encourages children to develop the building blocks of movement - action, balance, and co-ordination.

Under the watchful eye of Jennie and helpers, Mums and Dads are guided how to help children use the equipment safely, while having plenty of fun.

Our Butterflies will enjoy songs, rhymes and games and they can earn certificates and badges by learning simple skills in the British Gymnastics Pre-school Badge Scheme*.

Rise Discover Certificates and Medals

Rise Discover has three ability levels which can be delivered through six themes ( All about me, Dinosaurs, Going to the Zoo, Our World, People that help us, The Jungle) Designed to capture a childs imagination, children can earn Certificates and Medals as they progress through the exciting theme activities.



Pre-School Gymnastic classes cost £5.00 for a 45-minute fun session. The first two weeks are on a paid trial basis, followed by monthly payments.

Held on: Tuesdays and Fridays

Time: (9:30am - 10:15am) & (10:30am - 11:15am)

*Small additional cost for badges and certificates


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