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R99) Tumbling Club Levels

Sunday 19th May

Checkers Gymnastics Club

Bobbi - Gold
Alfie - Gold
Maria - Gold
Elsie -Sue - Gold
Jasmine - Gold
Hasia - Silver
Maisie - 4th Place

Also competing for the first time:
Lilly - Gold
Aidan - Gold
Phillippa - Gold


Full Results


R98) Southern Region Aerobics Championships 2024

27th / 28th April 2024

Immie, Isla & Freya - Gold

Finley, Immie, Elise, Freya & Isla - Bronze

Scarlett - Bronze

Amy, Harriet, Khloe, Yvie & Kaitlyn - Silver

Gracie, Rosie & Khloe - 4th Place

Daisy - Bronze


R97) SW Tumbling Selection 2024

Bella - Gold

And through to National Finals In July at Birmingham


R96) Schools National Finals 2024

20th / 21st April 2024

Fenton Manor, Stoke on Trent

Elsie Sue - U11yrs Sliver

Amelia - U14yrs Silver

Alfie - U14yrs Bronze


R95) England Team International 2024

6th / 7th April 2024

Caledonia Scotland

Abigail, Maddie, Ella were selected to represent England and wear the English flag on their leotards, which is the highest achievement in the history of Splitz Gym Club.

Silver in the Teams Competition

Bronze Medal in Dynamic

Well Done Team England


R94) Spirit Acro Crown Cup

6th / 7th April 2024

Spirit Gymnastics Club

Ella-Jade & Emily - Gold

Celebrating an excellent technical score achievement of 17.40, as well as winning a trophy for the highest score of all Grade 1 categories

Alfie & Maria - 1st Gold

Elsa & Iris - Silver

Celebrating the highest score of the partnership this season with 26.1 as well as an excellent technical score achievement of 17.30


R93) English Tumbling Selection

24th March 2024

Newton Abbot Gymnastics Club

Elsie Sue - Silver

Bella - Gold

Both off to English Tumbling Finals In June 2024


R91) Schools National Finals

2nd / 3rd March 2024

Fenton Manor, Stoke on Trent

Bella - Gold

Schools National Champion 2023


R90) Spirit Crown Cup 2023

1st /2nd April 2023

Spirit Gymnastics Club

Leah & Amelia - Gold
Alfie & Maria - Gold
Archie & Maddie - Silver
Abi, Maddie & Ella - Bronze
Chloe & Willow - Bronze


R89) SW Tumbling English Selection 2023

26th March 2023

Newton Abbot Gymnastics Club

Bella Bronze Medal
Flo Bronze Medal
Lucia Gold Medal
Etta Bronze Medal
Lucia will be going through to National Finals


R87) SW Acro Prelims 2023

18th /19th March 2023

Yate Leisure Centre

Alfie & Maria - Gold
Highest score of the category trophy

Elsa & Iris - Gold
Highest score of the category trophy

Abi, Maddie & Ella -
Gold in Balance
Gold in Dynamic
Gold overall
Highest score of the category trophy

Emma, Holly & Isabel - Silver

Emme & Paislee - Bronze

Mia, Bobbi & Lilly - Bronze

Immy & Daneja - Bronze

Leah & Amelia -
Bronze in Balance
Bronze in Dynamic
Bronze overall

Holly, Emma, Isabel - Silver


R86) SW Schools Competition 2023

5th March 2023

Gryphon West Leisure Centre

Bella - Gold

And off to National Finals


R85) King Ed Acro Cup 2023

11th /12th February 2023

Yate Leisure Centre

Ryker & Elsie - Silver

Elsa & Iris - Bronze


R84) SW Championships 2022

5th/6th November 2022

Yate Leisure Centre

Elsa & Iris - Gold
Mia, Bobbi & Lilly - Gold
Ryker & Elsie - Gold
Immy & Daneja - Gold
Alfie & Maria - Gold
Chloe & Willow - Gold
Archie & Sam - Gold
Abi, Maddie & Ella - Silver
Emme & Paislee - Bronze


R83) South West CDC Championships 2022

13th October 2022

Yate Leisure Centre

Amelia & Sienna - Gold + Highest score of all Novice 1 categories overall
Tommy & Frankie - Gold
Ella & Chloe - Gold
Isla & Amelia - Silver
Ella-Jade & Emily - Bronze


R82) South West Tumbling Championships 2022

9th October 2022

Axis Gymnastics Club

Etta Gold 

Amelia Gold 

Elsie - Sue Gold, Highest score overall

Bella Gold 


R81) Honiton Invitational Competition 2022

1st /2nd October 2022

Honiton Gymnastics Club


Tommy & Frankie - Gold
Amelia & Sienna - Silver
Ella & Chloe - Silver
Isla & Amelia - Bronze


Ryker & Elsie - Gold
Emme & Paislee - Silver
Immy & Daneja - Bronze


Archie & Sam - Gold in Balance, Gold in Dynamic, Gold overall

Abi, Maddie & Ella - Gold in Balance, Bronze in Dynamic, Gold overall, + Highest overall score out of all disciplines in all higher level categories including age-groups. Learned their Dynamic routine just 3 weeks ago!

Archie & Maddie - Gold, + Highest Execution/Technical score of the whole competition & highest Artistry score of the whole competition.

Chloe & Willow - Bronze overall, Only 4 months training together as a new partnership and Willow’s first ever Acro competition!

We came home with a total of 25 medals:


R80) South West Club Tumbling Competition 2022

19th June 2022

Gryphon Sports Centre

Bobbi Gold
Emme Gold
Elsa Gold
Finley Gold
Alfie Gold and also the highest score in the whole competition
Jasmine Bronze


R79) CDC Competition 2022

12th June 2022

Honiton Gymnastics Club

Kensi & Amelia - Gold
Chloe & Sienna - Silver
Ella & Frankie - Bronze
Evie & Charliee - Gold
Ella-Jade & Isla - Silver
Arianne & Lucia - Gold
Maisie & Jasmine - Bronze


R78) National Finals 2022

14th / 15th May 2022

Fenton Manor

Archie & Sam - Gold Medal

*** THEY DID IT! In their first competition season together as a partnership, our boys are British National Champions! The best in Great Britain at their level

Alfie & Maria - Gold Medal

We are so proud that Brothers Archie & Alfie became National Champions together in their separate partnerships.


R77) Spirit Crown Cup 2022

2nd / 3rd April 2022

Spirit Gymnastics Club

Immy & Daneja - Gold Medal
Catrin, Elsa, Isla - Bronze Medal
Alfie & Maria - Gold Medal
Ryker & Elsie - Silver Medal
Archie & Sam - Gold

1st place, personal best record score AND highest overall score out of all IDP 1’s!

Izzy, Amelia & Bella -Gold

1st place, personal best record score also! AND… Highest overall score out of all IDP 2’s!

We took home 2 gorgeous diamonds from the Spirit Cup today for these two partnerships achieving the highest overall


R76) South West Acro Prelims 2022

19th/20th March 2022

Yate Leisure Centre

Lower Levels

Jess & Amelia - Gold
Jack & Darcy - Gold
Alfie & Maria - Gold
Hasia & Iris - Gold
Bobbi & Lilly - Gold
Ryker & Alfie - Gold
Ryker & Elsie - Silver

Three categories had the opportunity to qualify for the British National Finals and all three partnerships qualified!
Alfie & Maria, Bobbi & Lilly and Jack & Darcy will be representing the South West in May, going against the best of every region, competing to become the best in Great Britain in their grade category.

Higher Levels

Jess, Mia & Ella - Gold
Etta & Darcy - Gold
Archie & Sam - Gold
Izzy, Amelia & Bella - Silver
Hannah, Leah & Isabel - Silver
Chloe, Roxxi & Grace - Silver
Immy & Daneja - Bronze

Another 2 partnerships off to Nationals! Archie & Sam and Etta & Darcy!
Congratulations Splitz family
Outstanding results from all partnerships 


R75) King Edmund Acro Cup 2022

5th/6th February 2022

Yate Leisure Centre

Archie & Sam - Gold

Jack & Darcy - Silver

Ryker & Elsie - Bronze


R74) British Acrobatics Competition 2021

12th/13th/14th November 2021

Fenton Manor

Chloe, Roxxi & Grace - Bronze Medal

IDP 1 Women’s Group

3rd best in Great Britain.


R73) South West Championships 2021

Sunday 6th November 2021

King Ed's Gym

Lower Levels

Ryker & Elsie - Gold Alfie & Maria - Gold Immy & Daneja - Silver Jack & Darcy - Silver Bobbi & Lilly - Silver

Higher Levels

Daisy, Elana & Tahli - Gold
Chloe, Roxxi & Grace - Gold in Balance routine, Silver in Tempo routine - Silver medal overall
Abigail, Maddie & Jessica - Bronze


R72) South West Tumbling Championships

10th October & 24th October 2021

Newton Abbot Gymnastics Club

Lower Levels

Emme Philips - Gold Medal
Maisie Willett - Silver
Etta Bigwood - Silver
Elsie Sue Loader - Bronze

Higher Levels

Tahli Wood - Gold
Isla Lovell - Silver
Lucia Basnett - Silver
Florence Hampton - Silver
Emma Faundez Rush - Silver
Evangeline Wigmore - Silver
It was a lovely surprise that all our higher level tumblers came away with a medal.


R71) South West NDP Prelims

Sunday 3rd October 2021

City of Bristol Gymnastics

Chloe Isgrove / Roxxi Crandon / Grace Main IDP 1 - Gold Medal

The girls are of to National Finals at Fenton Manor on 12th /13th/14th October 2021


R70) British Aerobics 2021

4th/5th September 2021

Yate Gymnastics Club

After nearly 18 months of no competitions due to covid we are delighted to get back preforming again, our Aerobics Squad were the first ones back to Competition.

Austeja Andrulyte & Gracie Lynch NAC Group 1 - Bronze Medal

Charlie Baker & Millie Baker - FIG gROUP 1 - Silver Medal


R69) South West Acrobatics Prelims

Sat 14th / Sun 15th March 2020

Yate Gymnastics Club

Ryker Hotson. Cooper Hodder, Sam Austin, Alfie Pickles ( Mens 4) Gold

Chloe Isgrove, Roxxi Crandon, Grace Main ( Youth level) Silver Medal

Cooper Hodder & Jess Ballentine Grade 2 Gold Medal

Sam Austin & Ella Hearne Grade 2 Bronze Medal

Ryker Hotson & Emme Phillips Grade 2 Bronze Medal

Alfie Pickles & Elise Sue Loader Grade 2 4th Place

The Mens 4 of Ryker, Copper, Sam, Alfie will be off to National Finals
and the Youth Trio of Chloe, Roxxi, Grace will be off to Southern Regionals


R68) Froomside Floor, Vault, Trampette

Sun 8th March 2020

Fromeside Gymnastics Club

Level 1

Irina Talu - Gold on Trampette
Khloe Miller - Silver on Floor

Level 2

Imogen Buck - Silver on Trampette
Niamh Page - Bronze on Floor & Bronze Overall

Intermediate Level

Florence Hampton Gold on Trampette, Silver on Floor, Silver on Vault
Fracessca Dudd Silver on Vault


R67) Froomside Floor & Vault

Sunday 24th November 2019



Level 1

Irina Talu Bronze Medal on Vault
Lacey Willis Gold on Floor 2nd overall

Level 2

Niamh Page Bronze on floor 3rd Overall

R66) SW Acrobatics Championships

12th / 13th October 2019

Yate Gymnastics Centre
Chloe Isgrove & Grace Main - Gold Medal

Izzy Murphy, Jess Wilford, Roxxi Crandon - Gold Medal

Mia Croker, Amelia Money, Bella Mcilwain - Gold Medal

Carmen also won the Coaches silver plate for the highest scoring G5 routine
R65) Honiton Invitational Camp

28th / 29th September 2019

Honiton Leisure Centre

Lennon Coles & Amelie Moore - GOLD

Izzy Murphy, Jess Wilford & Roxxi Crandon - GOLD

Deimante Simkte & Etta Bigwood - GOLD

Faith Miller & Isla Lovell- SILVER (0.1 away from Gold)

Gabriella Valentine & Daneja Bunkarte - SILVER

Cooper Hooder & Jess Ballentine - SILVER

Mia Croker, Amelia Money & Bella Mcilwain - BRONZE

Sam Austin & Ella Hearne - BRONZE

A very rare thing happened this weekend, all of our Elite competitors all scored the same high Artistry score of 8.3. All three partnerships hold the title of the Splitz record.

Also Well done to Carmen Benham who received the coaches plaque for highest score out of all grade 5 partnerships and all 11-16 partnerships!

R64) British Aerobics Competition

23rd / 24th / 25th July 2019

Liverpool Arena

George - Gold, British Champion

Izzy & Laila - Gold, British Champion

Ellise - Silver

Toby & Zoe - Gold, British Champions

Toby - Silver

Charlie - Bronze

R63) Southwest Acrobatics CDC

Sun 14th July 2019

Honiton Leisure Centre
Cooper Hooder & Jess Ballentine - GOLD

Faith Miller & Isla Lovell - SILVER

Diamond Simkute & Etta Bigwood - SILVER

Gabriella Valentine & Daneja Bunkarte - SILVER

Sam Austin & Ella Hearn - SILVER

Henry Fryer & Maria Jeffries - BRONZE

Immy Urch & Ella Hearn - BRONZE

Collette Unwin & Elsie – Sue Loader - BRONZE

Teona Diaconescu & Summer Main - BRONZE
(Also 3rd highest score of the whole competition)
R62) Heathrow International Aerobics

Sat 1st June / Sun 2nd June 2019

George Gold

George & Erin Gold

Toby Silver

Toby & Zoe Silver

Laila & Izzy Silver

Ellise Bronze
R61) Acrobatics NDP  National Finals

Sun 19th May 2019

Fenton Manor
Archie Pickles & Maddison Hughes - Bronze Medal  
R60) Southampton Regional Finals

Saturday 4th / Sunday 5th May 2019

Southampton Gym Club
Lennon Coles & Amelie Moore -  Gold Medal  
R59) Acrobatics CDC Competition

Sunday 28th April 2019

Gryphon Leisure Centre
Collett & Mina - Gold

Immy & Ella - Gold

Caitlyn, Alannah & Roxanna - Gold

Daisy, Faye & Tarli - Gold

Abigail & Marley - Gold

Diamond & Etta - Silver

Gabriella & Freya - Bronze

Riley & Elsie - Bronze

Teona & Summer - Bronze

Chloe & Emma - Bronze

Holly & Olivia - 4th

Abigail & Marley scored the highest score out of the whole competition

Immy & Ella on their first competition scored the highest score out of the Novice grades.

R58) Southern Aerobics Comp

12th - 14th April 2019 
George Weall - Gold Medal

George Weall & Erin Aggett - Gold

Toby Baker - Silver

Toby Baker & Zoe Wilshire - Silver

Millie Baker - Bronze

Charlie Baker - Bronze

Carmen Benham - Bronze

Execution Awards went to Ellise King, Millie Baker, Toby Baker.

R57) Lithuania International Competition

4th - 7th April 2019 

Toby Baker - Silver Medal

Charlie Baker - Bronze Medal

Toby & Zoe - Silver Medal


R56) Tumbling Selections for South West Squad 2019

Sunday 24th April 2019

Bath University

Maddison Hughes - Bronze Medal

Emma Faundez Rush - Silver Medal

Emma has also been selected for the South West Tumbling Squad and also English Tumbling Competition.


R55) South West NDP Acrobatics Prelims

16th/17th March 2019

Archie Pickles & Maddie Hughes - Gold Medal

Mia Croker / Amelia Money / Bella Mcilwain - Gold Medal

Lennon Coles & Amelia Moore - Bronze Medal

Chloe Isgrove & Enya Farler Smith - Bronze Medal

Archie and Maddie are off to National Finals at Stoke

Mia / Amelia / Bella
Lennon & Amelie
Chloe & Enya are all off to Southern Regionals at Southampton

 Download Results


R54) South West Schools Competition

3rd March 2019

Sam Austin – Bronze Medal 

Jess Milford & Mia – 4th Place

R53) SW Tumbling Prelims 2019

10th February at Gryphon and 24th February at Bath

Emma Faundez Rush – Gold Medal

Roxxi Crandon – Silver Medal

Jess Wilford – Bronze Medal

Maddison Hughes who also goes through to the next Competition with Abigail Page, Emma Faundez Rush and Isabelle Murphy to secure a place on the South West Tumbling Squad 2019.

Download Results

R52) SW Acrobatics NDP Comp

Sat 13th / Sun 14th October 2018

Archie & Maddie: GOLD - G4

Jess & Lexi: GOLD - G1

Mia / Amelia / Bella: BRONZE - G4

R51) Honiton Invitational

Sat 29th, Sun 30th September 2018



Lauren & Marley: GOLD - Novice 1
Teona & Tarli: SILVER  - Novice 3
Daisy & Millie: SILVER  - (Highest grade in Novice) - Novice 4


Owen & Sam: SILVER - Grade 1


Izzy & Roxxi: GOLD - 11-16 
Archie & Maddie: GOLD  - Grade 4 - Score 25.60, their highest score to date!

Download Results

R50) SW CDC Champtionships

Sun 15th July 2018, Gym Club

Lauren Hughes & Marley Grant – Gold Medal.

Teona Diaconescu & Tahli Wood  – Gold Medal.

Owen Jones & Sam Austin  – Gold Medal.

Jess Dew & Lexi Gregory - Gold Medal
(First ever routine competition and highest score out of the whole comp) 

Mia Croker, Amelia Money & Bella Mcilwain, - Gold Medal
(our tiny trio, achieving the highest score of the whole afternoon categories and second highest score out of the whole competition!)

Isabel Newberry, Leah Whitfield & Summer Ellis  – Gold Medal.

Alannah Wood, Caitlyn Teagle & Roxanna Bateman  – Bronze Medal.

Chloe Reyes, Abigail Page & Emma Faundez - Rush  – Silver Medal.

Chloe Isgrove & Enya Farler - Smith - 4th

Download Results

R49) Aerobics British

22nd, 23rd & 24th June 2018, Telford

Erin Aggett / George Weall / Laila Astill / Izzy Taylor / Emily Allison - Hawkes - Silver Medal

Toby Baker - Silver Medal

Toby Baker / Zoe Wilshire - Gold Medal

Charlie Baker / Millie Baker - Gold Medal

3 Gymnasts from the same family became British Champions, History in the making!!!

R48) Aerobics Bracknell

Sat 12th, Sun 13th May 2018

Charlie Baker - Gold Medal

Toby Baker - Bronze Medal

Erin Aggett / George Weall / Laila Astill / Izzy Taylor / Emily Allison - Hawkes - Silver Medal

Toby Baker / Zoe Wilshire - Gold Medal

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