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A great team of Splitz gymnasts competed at the Honiton Competition in September, against a strong field of clubs from other regions in the UK.

Honiton Gymnastics Competition, September 2017 was another great competition, but this time it was bigger and better with Splitz gymnasts competing against different regions over two days. It was a bigger and more challenging competition than anything we’ve done before in aerobic gymnastics!

With some fantastic and healthy competition, our mixed pair Archie Pickles and Madison Hughes competing at Grade 3, walked away with a bronze medal after performing a difficult, interesting and beautifully clean routine.

Our women’s pair Isabelle Murphy and Freya Grafton in the Grade 3 category, performed a tidy and exciting routine, leaving them with a fantastic score of 26.4, placing them in 11th out of 38 other pairs! These two were joined by Storm Evans-Ingram to create a Grade 3 trio.

The girls performed brilliantly performed and perfected their routine to place 5th with a great score of 26.2. Their team mates Kayleigh Benham, Ellie-Mae Shearer and Mia Crocker also competed at Grade 3 – just beat them in the rankings; with a brilliant and well deserved 4th place after performing an artistically outstanding and clean routine awarding them the 3rd highest artistry score of the whole category.

Oh So Close!

On the second day of competition two Grade 4 trios from Splitz Gym Club were competing against a strong field – and each other!

Lottie Barns, Emma Byrne and Roxxi Crandon, performed their new, brilliantly characterised routine, with solidly perfected moves which earned them 4th best score for technical and overall 6th place finish. While Kayleigh Down, Chili Harling and Kyra Bonner performed an amazingly fluent and beautifully connected routine to the judges, finishing in 5th place.

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